Display and Stands

 Foam Blocks For Display

If you're interested in standing pops so that the cake side is up, there are countless options but one we like to recommend is the foam block. Foam blocks provide a sturdy base for pops, are relatively easy to find, can be covered in any number of materials for decoration and allow you to pre-punch holes spaced out as you would like.
Craft stores and florists are great sources for foam blocks in a variety of sizes. Allow 2" to either side of your pops (so if you are measuring out where you will make holes, mark every 2" with a ruler). Once you have made your holes, you can either place your pops on the block and then cover the block (depending on your decorative materials) or you can cover and then add pops—just make sure you can still see the holes you have made. If you are covering the block in a decorative paper, punch the holes in the paper, adhere to the block and then use your paper holes as a guide for the holes you will make in the block. A chopstick or pencil will work fine for making the holes in your block.

Stands To Rent

Single Tier Stands

$12.00 Holds 25+ pops
$15.00 Holds 64+ pops

$15.00 Holds 84+ pops

$20.00 Holds 96+ pops

Two Tier Stand

$ 50.00 Holds 148+ pops

Three Tier Stand

$65.00 Holds 161+ pops

* Deposit required with rental.